In Berlin! Friday June 8 2012

The Real Social Network will be screening at the Berlin Biennale on the 8th of June, 19:00-22:00. It is an occupied space within the 7th Berlin Biennale run by Take the Square.

This is the concept of the Space:

We create an aesthetic and political experiment in the Berlin Biennale space for people from all over the world to gather, organize assemblies, direct action, interactive self-education, strategy-development and other forms of politico-social engagement. Thus we create a Global Square to connect and interrelate the revolts and thus contributing to the coordination and strengthening of social culture opposed to the arrogance of power.

Everyone welcome!

The Real Social Network at Docaviv

We’re screening at Docaviv in Tel Aviv, May 3-12 2012! The festival wrote a really beautiful blurb about the film which we’re thinking of adopting as our new synopsis:

At the end of 2010, following the British government’s intention to raise tuition fees and make the country’s higher education the most expensive in the world, a broad student protest movement arose. A moment before the “Arab Spring” and protests for social justice around the globe, the British students already deployed methods that would characterize the new wave of protest: organizing in real time through social media, “occupying” the university; ultimately extending their scope to include wider social issues. The three directors used several cameras to observe the different centers of the protest and participants. Despite the protesters’ discernible lack of experience, the new passion they found in their struggle suggests that their protest has just begun.